Russian state-owned media says Trump ‘more dangerous’ than North Korean dictator Kim Jong-Un

A Russian government-owned news station, which previously gave Donald Trump positive reviews, is taking a decisive turn against the president.

Dmitry Kiselyov — a news anchor on Rossiya 1’s Vesti Nedeli — had harsh words for President Trump this weekend in regard to the growing tensions in North Korea.

“The world is a hair’s breadth from nuclear war,” Kiselyov said, talking about the developing situation with North Korea after Vice President Mike Pence’s surprise visit to the North Korea-South Korea border. “Both [Donald Trump and Kim Jong-Un] are dangerous, but who is more dangerous? Trump is,” he added.

According to reporting from Reuters, a number of issues over the past couple of weeks have led to drastic changes in attitudes on President Trump among media elites in Russia. These include his recent attack on a Syrian military base, the use of the largest non-nuclear bomb in the history of warfare in Afghanistan, and his increasingly hawkish attitudes toward North Korea.

The shift in attitudes on Trump by Russian media is a stark change indeed — just a few months ago, Russia had been infatuated with Trump. In January, as Trump was being inaugurated, Russia had seen “Trumpomania” sweep the nation, as businesses and citizens had become enamored by the 45th president, according to the Washington Post.

But that has changed, and Russians have turned cold on Trump due to his “limited international experience, unpredictability, and a readiness to go to war,” according to Kiselyov.

Indeed, polling in Russia has shown the attitude change isn’t just limited to the media: while only seven percent in Russia had negative feelings of Trump last month, currently 39 percent view the president in a negative light.

Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov also echoed criticism of Trump. While Lavrov was critical of North Korea, he chastised the U.S. president as well. “I really hope that the same unilateral actions we saw in Syria won’t happen [in Korea],” Lavrov said.

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