What Obama Advisors Told Israel About Sharing Intel with Trump

A classified intelligence report that President Donald Trump shared with Russian government agents last week was originally obtained by Israel, according to a new report from the New York Times.

Israel is a top ally in the Middle East for the United States. If any U.S. official (including the president) compromised information obtained from the intelligence network of that nation, it could cause a significant rift in relations for the two countries.

Israel was reportedly warned about Trump’s loose lips earlier this year. Prior to Trump’s inauguration day in January, U.S. officials had allegedly told their Israeli counterparts that sharing information with the president could result in it being passed onto Russia, and in turn to Russia’s ally (and Israel’s number one enemy) Iran.

“The American officials [said] that they believed that Putin has ‘levers of pressure’ over Trump” that could compromise any intel the president would receive, according to Israeli investigative journalist Ronen Bergman.

Now it seems clear that those warnings are coming true. A Washington Post article this week details how Trump, during his meeting with Russian ambassador Sergey Kislyak last week, shared confidential intelligence regarding a terrorist plot involving laptop computers being used as bombs on flights to the U.S. and elsewhere.

Trump was bragging about the intelligence he received to the Russians, according to the Post’s source, although Trump himself suggested on Twitter that he shared the information in order to encourage a partnership in the fight against terrorism.

Trump’s possible carelessness with intelligence is causing other nations, particularly in Europe, to question whether they can share future intelligence with the U.S. One European official, speaking anonymously to the Associated Press, explained that they didn’t want to endanger the sources of their intelligence if it was possible the information shared with the U.S. would, in turn, be shared by Trump to other untrustworthy nations, including Russia.

Trump’s relationship with Russia has been the subject of an ongoing FBI probe. Last week, Trump was criticized for firing FBI Director James Comey, which Trump confirmed was due to Comey’s handling of the investigation into Russia’s meddling with the U.S. elections, and whether Trump’s campaign had coordinated with the Kremlin to do so.

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