Look at the absolutely insane protests that just greeted Trump at the G20 Summit

Thousands of demonstrators protesting the G20 Summit in Hamburg, Germany clashed with riot police on Thursday as Donald Trump and other leaders arrived before the international forum was set to begin.

Protesters kicked off a weekend of demonstrations with an action called “G-20: Welcome to Hell.” They gathered at a riverside plaza that serves as Hamburg’s weekly fish market before marching through the city.

Police in full riot gear fired water cannons and pepper sprayed the anti-capitalist protesters, who police said lobbed a few glass bottles in return. Residents were warned that drones, remote controlled airplanes, hot air balloons and recreational aircraft were banned during the summit.

On Wednesday, hundreds of actors dressed as zombies shuffled silently through the city center as part of a performance piece-turned-protest planned by 1,000 Gestalten. The “zombies” then removed their gray costumes to reveal colorful outfits, illustrating a call for more humanity and self-responsibility.

German police said they anticipate more than 100,000 protesters to converge on Hamburg throughout the summit, which runs from July 7-8.

The G20 forum brings together heads of state and central bank governors from 20 of the world’s top economies to discuss policy related to global financial stability.

The annual event, which this year will include Trump, Chinese President Xi Jinping, UK Prime Minister Theresa May and Russian President Vladimir Putin, among others, has become known for the protests it draws from anti-globalists and anti-capitalists.