European official warns their country might stop sharing intel with the US

American allies in Europe are rethinking their information-sharing arrangements, given President Trump’s recent leak to Russia.

An unnamed European official told the Associated Press that they didn’t want to endanger their intelligence sources by sharing information with the Trump administration. Because the official was speaking on the condition of anonymity, the AP didn’t immediately clarify what country was rethinking its information-sharing relationship with the United States.

The comments from the official come in response to a report from the Washington Post published on Monday, in which anonymous White House sources told reporters that President Trump divulged classified information to Russian foreign minister Sergei Lavrov during his visit to Washington last week. The sources stated that Trump compromised an intelligence source from a Middle Eastern “partner” who was informing on ISIS, and that the CIA and NSA had to make calls to allies in the region to repair relationships with allies.

In a tweet sent Tuesday morning, Trump claimed he had the “absolute right” to share the information with Russia, given the two countries’ ground and air war on ISIS in the region.

H.R. McMaster — President Trump’s National Security Adviser — denied the report, saying that he was in the room and didn’t witness anything happen that would have endangered intelligence sources overseas.