Australia wants to change immigration laws to prevent Donald Trump from entering

Members of Australia’s parliament are attempting to amend existing immigration law to prevent President Donald Trump from setting foot in their country.

According to SBS — Australia’s public broadcasting network — members of the Green Party are working on legislation that would enable Australia to ban any foreign head of state from entering the country based on character grounds. Senator Nick McKim promised to bring forth the bill for a debate in the full body, saying Trump’s derogatory remarks toward women and “contempt for the rule of law” would be enough grounds to deny Trump admission to Australia under the legislation.

“We believe that parliament should have the right to refuse entry to, or deport, foreign leaders on the basis of their character,” McKim said in a public statement.

Eric Abetz, of the Liberal Party, urged his colleagues to vote down the measure, dismissing it as evidence that the Greens “have now completely lost the plot.”

“We’ve had Senator Lee Rhiannon praise evil and murderous tyrant Fidel Castro as an inspiration to now having the Greens seeking to block the democratically elected president of the United States from coming to Australia,” Abetz said, in speaking out against the bill.

Opinion of Donald Trump’s administration down under isn’t improving much since President Trump’s travesty of a call with Australian Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull (and Sean Spicer’s mispronunciation of Turnbull’s name). Trump reportedly ended his call with Turnbull 35 minutes early after a dispute arising from Turnbull referencing a deal in which President Obama agreed to submit 1,250 refugees coming to the United States from Australia to the standard nine-step procedure refugees typically endure when applying for American visas. Trump reportedly accused of Turnbull of exporting “the next Boston bombers.”

Trump also told Turnbull that out of calls with four foreign leaders that day, his call with Turnbull was “the worst call by far.”


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