Paul Ryan pictured with man wearing shirt that says, ‘repeal and go f*ck yourself’

House Speaker Paul Ryan (R-Wisconsin) was just trolled brilliantly while posing with a man at an event.

According to the Hill, Speaker Paul Ryan posed for a picture with an individual wearing a shirt with the phrase “Repeal and Go F**k Yourself” that could be seen perfectly.

The shirts original design comes from the podcast “Pod Save America” which is hosted by Obama-era white house staffers.

The man who posted the image tagged former Obama speechwriter Jon Favreau, also the co-host, who also responded to the post by issuing a challenge.

“I challenge any Friend of the Pod to do better than @minnyconsin just did,” Favreau wrote.

The shirt is likely a reference to the House Republicans’ passage of the American Health Care Act this week, which, among other things, allows state governments the right to remove mandatory coverage of pre-existing conditions for health insurance companies offering plans in their respective states.

Scott Walker, governor of Paul Ryan’s home state of Wisconsin, has already said that he would consider removing pre-existing conditions as an essential benefit in Wisconsin’s health plans if the bill became law. However, he has since reversed that position¬†due to massive public pressure.

Thankfully, the bill passed by Speaker Ryan has already been deemed dead on arrival in the Senate.