Watch the EXACT moment Trump storms off like a child from this simple question

President Donald Trump couldn’t worm his way out of a reporter’s questions, so he turned his back to him and kicked him out of the Oval Office.

When CBS’ John Dickerson interviewed Trump for Face the Nation on Sunday, one topic that came up was former President Barack Obama and Trump’s claims of his predecessor’s alleged surveillance of his residence at Trump Tower during the election.

PRESIDENT DONALD TRUMP: “You saw what happened with surveillance, I think that was inappropriate–”

JOHN DICKERSON: “What does that mean?”

TRUMP: “Uh, you can figure that out yourself.”

DICKERSON: “The reason I ask is because you said, you called him ‘sick’ and ‘bad.’

TRUMP: “Look, you can figure it out yourself…”

DICKERSON: “But you stand by that claim about him?”

TRUMP: “I don’t stand by anything. I just, you can take it the way you want. I think our side has been proven very strongly and everybody is talking about it. And frankly, it should be discussed. I think it’s a ver big surveillance of our citizens. I think it’s a very big topic, and it’s a topic that should be number one. We should find out what the hell is going on.”

DICKERSON: “I just wanted to find out, though. You’re the President of the United States. You said he was ‘sick’ and ‘bad’ because he–”

TRUMP: “You can take it any way, you can take it any way you want.”

DICKERSON: “But I’m asking you. Because you don’t want it to be fake news, I want to hear it from President Trump.”

TRUMP: “You don’t have to ask me.”

DICKERSON: “Why not?”

TRUMP: “Because I have my own opinions, you can have your own opinions.”

DICKERSON: “But I want to know your opinions. You’re the President of the United States.”

TRUMP: “Okay. That’s enough. Thank you.”

Watch the exchange below: