‘Go to Snopes’: Twitter sh*ts on Trump after he repeats debunked conspiracy theory

On Monday night, President Trump had a public meltdown on his verified Twitter account that made him look even guiltier than before.

In reference to the ongoing FBI investigation surrounding his campaign’s ties to Russia, Trump attempted to deflect attention to former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, whom he dispatched in the November 2016 election, openly asking why federal investigators were not looking into his former rival’s supposed ties to Russia.

What Trump is referring to has been widely debunked, including by fact-checking site Politifact as “mostly false,” after breaking down the deal in question. The uranium in question wasn’t involving nuclear weapons, as Trump implies, but for a nuclear energy deal brokered by the Russian Federation in its purchase of Uranium One — a Canadian-based mining company between 2009 and 2013, while Hillary Clinton was at the State Department.

And even though Clinton was one of the people who signed off on the deal, as the energy company acquisition involved raw materials mined in the United States, other signees included the secretaries of the Treasury, Defense, Commerce, Justice, Energy, and Homeland Security departments. Vox’s Zeeshan Aleem also pointed out that since uranium can’t be exported, the deal was likely done in order to get access to Uranium One’s deposits of the material in Kazakhstan.

However, Americans knew the tweets were a weak ruse done to try and distract from the numerous questions surrounding his own administration’s alleged connections to Vladimir Putin’s government.

Others on the thread attempted to educate the President of the United States by linking him to the multiple fact checks done by news outlets debunking his claims about Clinton and the Uranium One:

Some of the president’s critics took the opportunity to bring back one of the highlights of Trump’s disastrous train wreck of a press conference in which the President of the United States seemed to be confused about what uranium was:

However, the winner of the thread may be frequent Trump critic Jordan Uhl, who used Trump’s own tweet against him:


Jamie Green is a contributor for the Resistance Report covering the Trump administration, and lives in Ann Arbor, Michigan.