Trump’s EPA Chief Met With Head Of Dow Chemical Before Lifting Ban On Toxic Pesticide

A widely-used pesticide that has been proven to be harmful to the brains of children has been re-approved for use by the Environmental Protection Agency Administrator after he met privately with the CEO of a top chemical company.

Scott Pruitt, Trump’s top environmental official, met with the CEO of Dow Chemical, Andrew Liveris for a 30 minute meeting a Houston hotel on March 9, according to the Associated Press. Later that same month, Pruitt announced he’d decided not to pursue a ban on the Dow’s pesticide called chlorpyrifos, which is used on food.

A review by the EPA determined that even the tiniest amounts of the chemical can impact fetus and infant brain development, leading to a multitude of developmental issues.

Pruitt and Liveris were both featured speakers at an energy industry conference where an EPA spokeswoman stated that they were only “briefly introduced.”

“They did not discuss chlorpyrifos,” the spokeswoman claimed. “During the same trip he also met with the Canadian minister of natural resources, and CEOs and executives from other companies attending the trade show.”

The Pesticide Action Network and the Natural Resource Defense Council both filed lawsuits following Pruitt’s decision. Patti Goldman released a statement following the suit, criticizing Donald Trump and the EPA.

“President Trump and his EPA flouted court orders and EPA’s scientific findings that chlorpyrifos puts children, farmworkers, their families and many others at risk.”

Steven E. Johnson is a Mississippi-based author who covers social injustice and political issues for the Resistance Report. You can contact him at stevejlive at gmail dot com.