Enroll in Trumpcare | Choose Your Plan Here

Trumpcare plans are now available for customers in the 2018 calendar year.

Well, sort of.

A website purportedly pretending to be an insurance exchange market for health plans under the American Health Care Act — originally designed by Twitter user @jimpjorps — is making a devastating point.

The American Health Care Act (AHCA) has yet to become law, which is why some may have been surprised to see a link circulating on social media saying “Choose Your Plan | American Health Care Act” with a photo showing smiling faces. The website itself is ahca.republican, which could be interpreted as a website pertaining to the Republican alternative to Obamacare.

However, upon clicking the link, one is led to an e-commerce portal allegedly selling coffins. The reference is obviously meant to cast doubt on claims made by both President Trump and leading Republicans that it will offer more expansive coverage than the Affordable Care Act (Obamacare).

As Harvard Medical School lecturers Steffie Woolhandler and David Himmelstein noted, the American Health Care Act in its current form would remove millions of people from the ranks of the insured, including millions on expanded Medicaid programs made possible by Obamacare. By Himmselstein and Woolhander’s calculations, some 43,000 people would die every year if no replacement was made available for people losing their health insurance by being removed from state Medicaid rolls.


However, when actually attempting to purchase a coffin, one is redirected to an ActBlue fundraising page aimed at supporting Democrats challenging Republican incumbents who voted for the AHCA. As the page notes, the money isn’t specified for any specific candidates at the moment, but is instead being set aside for eventual nominees following the conclusion of primary elections in contested districts. As of this writing, nearly 7,000 individual donors have contributed to the nominee fund linked to on the spoof website, raising almost $500,000.

As far as fundraising pitches go, this is by far the most creative so far. As this site reported on Friday morning, more than $4 million was raised for Democratic challengers to Trumpcare supporters in just a 24-hour period, with more donations coming through by the minute.


Kevin Wallace is a journalist with five years’ experience in print and digital media, and covers politics, media, and culture for the Resistance Report. He lives in Tallahassee, Florida.