Trump just flew into a Twitter tantrum and threatened a trade war with Canada

  1. While President Donald Trump’s Twitter feed has been filled lately with mentions of the proposed border wall with Mexico, another border dispute has captured his attention, this time with our neighbors to the north.

A trade dispute involving dairy exports from the U.S. into Canada has affected farmers in a drastic way. Recent domestic price cuts in Canada and tariffs by its government have made it difficult for distributors from the U.S. to sell dairy products across the border, according to FOX 6 News in Milwaukee.

The trade dispute has especially hit farmers hard in Wisconsin and New York. Donald Trump took to Twitter this morning to comment on the matter.

The new trade rules imposed by Canada come at a bad time — spring is traditionally the time of year when milk production is at its highest. With a substantial change in Canadian policy, many farmers have been told by their distributors that they won’t take their milk anymore, according to the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel.

Some have suggested that Trump’s rhetoric itself has been problematic for trade with Canada. Sen. Tammy Baldwin (D-WI) wrote to the president in March, stating that she had “heard from farmers and the agriculture industry in Wisconsin regarding recent actions your Administration has taken and statements you have made.”

Many farmers are feeling a great deal of uncertainty this spring because of worries about the impact of your Administration’s policies on the stability of their workforce and access to markets for their products in both Canada and Mexico. As you consider your agenda on immigration and trade policies, I want to share these concerns to ensure that Wisconsin farmers’ voices are being heard and considered. Changes in Washington must work for farmers, not against them.

Sure enough, just a couple of weeks later the trade rules in Canada were changed.

Trump has vowed to pressure Canada to change its policies, but so far his only solution has been to engage in trade-war tactics, such as imposing tariffs on Canadian lumber in retribution for their policies on dairy imports.

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