Trump Just Made a Huge Mistake at Press Conference with Colombian President

During a press conference with Colombian President Juan Manuel Santos, President Trump managed to look like a total dolt.

The press conference was relatively short, consisting of brief statements by both Trump and Santos, followed by both leaders answering two questions each from both American and Colombian journalists. However, even during that short period of time, President Trump managed to make multiple foolish and inaccurate statements that made Santos visibly uncomfortable while standing at his podium.

One key point Trump harped on was amping up the war on drug production in Colombia and the United States, touting his unpopular border wall proposal as a way of stopping drug activity in the U.S. On several occasions, Trump referred to the coca leaf — which is used for the manufacturing of cocaine — as “cocoa,” which is used to make chocolate.

There were also multiple falsehoods uttered during the short time Trump was at the lectern. He repeated the lie that he fired FBI Director James Comey only after Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein recommended he be removed from his position. However, hours before the press conference, CBS reported that Trump had already decided to fire Comey prior to Rosenstein writing the recommendation. Senator Claire McCaskill (D-Missouri) told reporters about the revelation following a closed-door meeting with Rosenstein. MSNBC fact-checked Trump live on the air:

When the Q&A session began, Trump called on Peter Alexander of the New York Times, but referred to him as Peter Baker, the Times’ chief White House correspondent, who wasn’t present at the conference. AP reporter Steve Peoples caught Trump making the demonstrably false claim that Colombian gang MS-13 had “literally taken over towns and cities of the United States.”

Trump will be departing for a trip to the Middle East this weekend. Here’s to hoping the United States’ international reputation isn’t totally destroyed by the time he comes back.


Tom Cahill is a senior editor for the Resistance Report based in the Pacific Northwest. He specializes in coverage of political, economic, and environmental news. You can contact him via email at [email protected], or follow him on Facebook by clicking here