Trump promised to release a report on Russia within first 90 days—he hasn’t even started it.

In January, then-president-elect Donald Trump promised to present a report “within 90 days” to the American people regarding Russian hacking during the 2016 elections.

But it seems that promise is another pledge that the Trump administration has failed to deliver on.

No report has been submitted for examination from the Trump administration detailing whether Russians did or did not hack the presidential election. And it doesn’t appear that any investigation on behalf of the Trump administration has even begun. Trump faced the 90-day deadline for the report last week, and no one in his administration has submitted anything relevant to that promise of a report.

Trump made the promise on January 13 through a series of tweets responding to a BuzzFeed report on a leaked dossier that suggested a strong relationship between the president-elect and Russian authorities. The dossier also suggested that Trump engaged in lewd sexual activities while visiting Russia, allegedly hiring prostitutes to urinate on beds in a hotel room that had once housed former President Barack Obama and First Lady Michelle Obama.

Trump immediately took to Twitter after the report was released, where he derided the report by BuzzFeed as “fake news.” In the same series of tweets, he made the promise, now unfulfilled, of releasing a report about Russian hacking.

President Trump continues to deny that there were any links between his administration and the Russian interference in the election. During the campaign itself, Trump did call on Russian hackers to infiltrate his Democratic opponent Hillary Clinton’s emails, a comment that many, including within his own party, said was out of line.

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