Trump accused Obama of wiretapping. This Obama advisor’s response is EPIC.

President Trump just had a public meltdown on Twitter in which he accused his predecessor of wiretapping. What happened next is one for the ages.

In a series of three tweets, a paranoid Trump baselessly accused former President Barack Obama of tapping phone lines at Trump Tower, and hinted at finding an attorney to argue his case in court. The tweets are still up, as of this writing.

In response to Trump’s tweets, Ben Rhodes, a former policy advisor for the Obama administration, called the president a tyrant and said only a “liar” would make the argument in a courtroom that Obama was listening in on Trump’s conversations.

The wiretapping accusation isn’t the first baseless conspiracy theory Trump had embraced regarding the 44th President of the United States. The real estate mogul and game show host was also one of the originators of the “birther” conspiracy theory, in which he accused his predecessor of being born in another country, making him ineligible for the presidency. While under pressure during the election, Trump disavowed birtherism, though he never apologized for propagated the unsubstantiated conspiracy theory for years prior.

It’s suspected Trump made his wiretapping accusation based on an article from Breitbart, which accused Obama of “police state” surveillance tactics. Steve Bannon — Trump’s chief White House advisor — was the publisher of Breitbart prior to becoming Trump’s campaign CEO in 2016.


Jamie Green is a contributor for the Resistance Report covering the Trump administration, and lives in Ann Arbor, Michigan.