Trump Just Pulled Out of the Paris Climate Deal. Dan Rather’s Response is Perfect.

Former CBS News Anchor Dan Rather hasn’t pulled any punches when it comes to the foibles of the Trump administration, and today he delivered another scathing commentary on the president’s decision to pull out of the Paris Climate agreement.

“History will judge mercilessly President Trump’s reported decision to withdraw from the Paris climate agreement as the height of folly, where greed, cynicism, shortsightedness and ignorance triumphed over intelligence and leadership,” Rather wrote this morning.

Officially President Donald Trump will make his decision over the next few days, according to a tweet he issued earlier today.

Yet several news agencies are reporting that Trump will pull the United States out of the Paris climate deal, a move that Rather finds bewildering and wrong.

“We have ceded the moral high ground to countries like those in Europe and even China who have no trouble understanding science and reason,” Rather pens. “We are retreating where we should be charging forward. We say we can’t when we should be saying we can. We are buying into an antiquated view of our global environment that will only isolate us and diminish us.”

Rather also took time to chastise Republicans in Congress, who should, in his view, demonstrate “courage” and “push back on the denialism that has wracked their party.”

He ends his short essay with a warning for those who won’t step up: “it is time for all of us to say that this is an issue of the top priority,” Rather writes. “Our elected leaders need to feel the heat – not only the thermostat but at the ballot box.”

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There are few things I feel confident in predicting with any certainty, but of this one I am certain. History will judge…

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