NBC just debunked Trump’s claim about Flynn’s security clearance

President Trump insists former President Barack Obama let General Michael Flynn keep his security clearance after firing him. There’s just one problem with that statement.

NBC News reporters are tweeting that President Donald Trump’s disgraced pick for National Security Adviser Michael Flynn, who resigned in February, was never given broader security background clearance by former President Barack Obama’s administration than needed for his post.

Peter Alexander tweeted out this afternoon that NBC’s Intelligence and national security reporter Ken Dilanian had learned that the clearance was never part of any vetting for Flynn when the Obama administration sought security clearance from the former president.

This is an important update to allegations made by the Trump administration that have tried to shift blame of Flynn’s misdeeds to Obama. Flynn resigned from his post in February over allegations that he had improperly been in discussions with Russian agents about possibly lifting U.S. sanctions on the Kremlin, and had other financial dealings that he didn’t disclose prior to assuming the role of National Security Adviser.

Trump and his surrogates have suggested that Flynn was cleared by the Obama administration with the highest security clearance, implying that the blame for hiring him falls on their shoulders.

With this latest revelation, however, it’s evident that, while Flynn was given clearance by the Obama administration for some access to security information, he wasn’t given the clearance that was required of the position he had held by Obama.

The Trump administration also ran a security clearance check on Flynn in the transition period. It’s unclear at this time if that security clearance was suitable for a member of Trump’s highest security advisers or not.

Just after the election, Trump was warned by President Obama against hiring Flynn, according to NBC News today. The Trump administration challenged those allegations, in an awkwardly written statement, by indicating that Obama’s warnings were in response to the former president’s prejudices against a former employee. The White House’s statement is now demonstrably false, given the latest revelations about Flynn’s security clearance.

“If president Obama and his team were so concerned with General Flynn, why didn’t he take steps to revoke his security clearance. (While flynn [sic] was fired by Obama, he maintained his security clearance),” the statement read.

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