Trump is refusing to hand over documents about Flynn’s payments from Russia

The Trump administration is refusing to provide financial statements to the House Oversight Committee involving former National Security Adviser Michael Flynn and foreign governments, including possible financial agreements with the Russian government.

It is unclear what these documents might include. Flynn failed to disclose payments from Russian firms in his financial reports prior to becoming National Security Adviser. The House Committee’s request may provide more insight on what Flynn was discussing with Russia in the weeks prior to Donald Trump officially assuming office.

The Hill reports that some of the agreements have been released in the past include financial connections between Flynn and the government-backed TV station RT and other contractors. Flynn was reportedly paid around $30,000 by RT in 2015, according to one report.

Flynn was asked to resign from his position as National Security Adviser in the early months of the Trump presidency due to his connections with Russian agents. Flynn may have been negotiating with Russia about ending economic sanctions placed by the Obama administration. At the time, Flynn was part of the Trump transition team, and could not legally negotiate terms of the sanctions until he officially assumed his position in the White House.

Flynn’s connections with Russia warranted further alarm when the Justice Department suggested that Flynn could have been vulnerable to blackmail by the Russians once he took his position in the Trump administration.


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