The Governor of Texas Just Joked About Shooting Journalists

Texas Governor Greg Abbott appears to have just made a crude, poorly timed joke about shooting members of the free press.

On Friday, Gov. Abbott signed Senate Bill 16 which would significantly lower the cost of obtaining a handgun carry license from $140 to $40, and lower renewals from $70 to $40 after the initial 5-year license expires, making handgun license fees in Texas some of the lowest in the country.

“The right to bear arms is something that is synonymous with the state of Texas. We are proud to expand the right to bear arms by lowering the cost of what you have to pay in order to get a license to carry,” Gov. Abbott said, according to the Texas Tribune. “Texans’ ability to bear arms is going to be even bolder today than it’s ever been before.”

After the bill’s signing, Gov. Abbott went to the range to fill a target with holes:

Following the time on the range, Gov. Abbott held up his target sheet and joked, “I’m gonna carry this around in case I see any reporters.”

While Gov. Abbott didn’t outwardly threaten any specific journalists or media outlets, an armed Governor who just emptied a magazine into a target sheet showing a target sheet to reporters is in poor taste following the recent bodyslam incident in Montana.

On Wednesday night, Republican Greg Gianforte allegedly assaulted Guardian reporter Ben Jacobs in response to Jacobs’ question on where the candidate stood on the Republican healthcare bill that had been recently scored by the Congressional Budget Office. Despite the assault, Gianforte won the special election for Montana’s at-large Congressional seat, where he will now go to Washington and hopefully resist the urge to assault more reporters.


Jamie Green is a contributor to the Resistance Report covering the Trump administration, and lives in Ann Arbor, Michigan.