Stephen King just turned Trump’s wiretapping allegations into the perfect short story

Legendary author Stephen King is clowning on President Trump, and going viral in the process.

In two tweets sent on Saturday, King responded to Trump’s claims that former President Barack Obama was tapping his phones with tweets of his own informing the president that his predecessor was lurking somewhere in the White House, with a pair of scissors, and absconding with strawberry ice cream stolen from the White House freezer.

According to the fiction novelist, former First Lady Michelle Obama was witness to her husband’s skullduggery:

On Saturday morning, Trump shocked the political world with unsubstantiated claims that his predecessor tapped phones at Trump Tower during the presidential election. A spokesman for President Obama immediately threw cold water on the claim, saying there was no order for wiretapping from the executive branch.

Additionally, Ben Rhodes, a former policy advisor for the Obama White House, reminded Trump that such an action would be illegal, and laws were put in place specifically to protect the American public from a tyrannical leader who would abuse surveillance apparatus to spy on citizens without just cause.

In addition to members of Congress from both parties demanding Trump present evidence to back his claims, his own senior White House staffers are distancing themselves from the wiretapping statements, saying they have no knowledge of where Trump was getting the information to make such a claim.


Jamie Green is a contributor for the Resistance Report covering the Trump administration, and lives in Ann Arbor, Michigan.