Sean Spicer claimed Hitler didn’t use chemical weapons. Twitter’s response is PERFECT.

Sean Spicer turned heads around the world when he argued that Adolf Hitler didn’t use chemical weapons on his own people. Twitter will never let him forget it.

During his Tuesday press briefing, Spicer falsely claimed that Syrian President Bashar al-Assad’s use of chemical weapons on his own people was worse than what Hitler did, initially claiming that the Nazi leader didn’t stoop so low as to use chemical weapons, although he later remarked that Hitler used “Holocaust centers” (concentration camps) for gassing people.

Twitter’s reaction to Spicer’s ignorant remarks is truly one for the ages. Numerous journalists and others pointed out that Spicer’s claim about Hitler was akin to Holocaust denial by writing off the millions of German Jews who were killed with chemical weapons during the Nazi regime. Others opined that Spicer could use additional education about the Holocaust, particularly through the use of coloring books. Frequent Trump critic Jordan Uhl tweeted a reminder that today marked one of the holiest days in Judaism. Activist Michael Skolnik also reminded Spicer that the grandparents of Trump son-in-law Jared Kushner survived the Holocaust.

The mockery was strong with Twitter. One key point several people made was that Spicer did United Airlines and Pepsi a favor by hijacking all of the negative press coverage about them, and that the embattled airline was likely thinking of ways to show their appreciation. Someone even creatively edited Spicer’s Wikipedia page. Twitter user @RVAWonk tweeted a gif of the Hindenburg airship exploding, and referring to it as Spicer’s Tuesday press briefing. Even Washington Post national reporter Wesley Lowery got in on the reaction, poking fun at the Press Secretary’s ignorance by reminding everyone that President Trump seemed to not know who Frederick Douglass was.


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