‘Turn off the light’: Sean Spicer caught hiding in White House bushes to avoid reporters

Sean Spicer hid in the bushes from White House reporters last night after it was announced that FBI director James Comey had been fired by the Trump administration.

According to reporting from the Washington Post, Spicer had just completed an interview with FOX Business when the news had reached him. The interview had occurred on the White House grounds, and in order to get back to the building Spicer would undoubtedly come across a swarm of reporters in the process.

Sure enough, the press pool found Spicer near several news sets on-site…hiding away from them in the bushes.

Janet Montesi, an executive assistant to the White House’s press offices, explained to reporters that Spicer would indeed answer their questions, but only with certain conditions met. Among them, they could not film Spicer at all.

“Just turn the lights off. Turn the lights off,” Spicer was heard saying as he emerged from the foliage.

According to the Post, Spicer’s 10 minutes of questions from the press pool mirrored what his typical press conferences looked like, switching from light-hearted quips to becoming agitated over having to answer questions he felt he had already answered.

Among the¬†questions he fielded, Spicer was asked whether a special prosecutor would be needed now that Comey had been ousted from the FBI investigation into a Trump connection with Russia during the presidential campaign. “There is clearly at this point no evidence of a reason to do that,” Spicer suggested. “You have a system that’s working.”

Several lawmakers are already calling for an independent special prosecutor to take over the investigation, including some Republicans.

After exactly 10 minutes of questioning, Spicer abruptly ended the impromptu press gathering, according to the Post.

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