Sean Spicer just ranted about beef safety after being confronted on Trump’s threats against Comey

During his Friday press conference, White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer wouldn’t say anything about President Trump’s threat against James Comey.

On Friday morning, Trump — as part of a series of 7 tweets sent within an hour of each other — issued a stern warning to the FBI director he fired earlier this week, saying that Comey had better hope that “tapes” of conversations between the two are not leaked to the media. Aside from the obvious implications of possible witness tampering (a federal felony punishable by up to 20 years in prison), Trump’s tweet hints that conversations between himself and his former FBI director may have been surreptitiously recorded:

However instead of answering questions from multiple reporters about this apparent threat and whether or not Trump has secret recording devices in the White House, Sean Spicer instead talked up China’s acceptance of U.S. beef exports (which happened under former President Barack Obama’s watch):

White House correspondents immediately spotted the attempt at distraction, and pointed out that Spicer’s insistence on talking about beef was an insinuation that he would not, under any circumstances, talk about the sudden firing of James Comey or the explosive tweets Trump sent on Friday morning:

Reuters White House correspondent Jeff Mason attempted to get an answer from Spicer during the Friday briefing, but the White House’s chief press officer refused to give an answer other than that he was not responding.

JEFF MASON: Moving on to the news of the week, really, and the day, did President Trump record his conversations with former FBI Director [James] Comey?

WHITE HOUSE PRESS SECRETARY SEAN SPICER: I assume you’re referring to the tweet. And I’ve talked to the President, the President has nothing further to add on that.

MASON: Why did he say that? Why did he tweet that? What should we interpret from that?

SPICER: As I mentioned, the President has nothing further to add on that.

MASON: Is there, are there recording devices in the Oval Office or in the residence?

SPICER: As I said, for the third time, there is nothing further to add on that.

MASON: Does he think it’s appropriate to threaten someone like Mr. Comey not to speak?

SPICER: I don’t think, that’s… that’s not a threat. He’s simply stated a fact. The tweet speaks for itself. I’m moving on.

Other reporters seemed extremely perturbed that Spicer refused to give a direct answer when asked multiple times whether or not there were secret recording devices in the White House, despite upcoming scheduled visits from foreign leaders:

Watch the exchange below:


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