Saturday Night Live Roasts Trump and Paul Ryan in Hysterical Cold Open [Watch Here]

Tonight’s episode of Saturday Night Live is brutal, and it’s just barely started.

In the opening sketch of the show — which is hosted by Melissa McCarthy — didn’t even feature the host, whose legendary Sean Spicer impression wasn’t even showcased. Instead, SNL cast member Michael Che played NBC’s Lester Holt alongside Alec Baldwin portraying President Donald Trump, reprising the interview between the two earlier this week.

In the interview, Baldwin, as Trump, openly admits to firing FBI Director James Comey in an effort to stop him from inquiring further into Trump’s ties to Russia. Che, as Holt, is taken aback by the admission.

“Wait, so did I get him? Is this all over?” Holt asks his producers through his earpiece. “No, I didn’t? So nothing matters?”

“Nothing’s going to stop me, because I’ve got the Republicans in the palm of my hand,” Trump said, before being interrupted by House Speaker Paul Ryan wearing a server’s outfit and carrying a bowl of ice cream on a tray.

“Your ice cream, sir!” Ryan says to Trump, before going into an impromptu monologue about how he and Trump are working together on a conservative agenda.

“Beat it nerd, get the hell out of here,” Trump says, as Ryan scurries off.

“Whatever you say, Mr. Trump!” Ryan says cheerfully. “He feeds me dog food!”

Watch part of the sketch below: