Bloomberg: Russian Hackers Broke into Voting Systems in 39 States

It’s already been well-established that Russia interfered with our elections last fall. But a new report details that the cyberattacks on our voting systems were more widespread than were previously thought.

Voting systems in 39 states were compromised by Russian hackers, according to a report from Bloomberg News. That amounts to about eight out of every ten states in the nation who saw their voting systems hacked.

Some of the hacking threatened the outcome of the election. In Illinois, for example, hackers attempted, but failed, to change and delete the data that contained voter information and candidate preferences on Election Day.

The report states that the Obama administration was so perplexed by these blatant attacks that officials complained directly to Russian government agents. Russia has denied all aspects of engaging in electoral espionage, though President Vladimir Putin has said if hackers were attempting to alter the elections in the U.S. that they were “patriotic” in doing so.

If the hackers have “patriotic leanings,” Putin explained, “they may try to add their contribution to the fight against those who speak badly about Russia.”

Although the previous administration showed tremendous concern over the hacks, current President Donald Trump seems to have little to no concern over the matter. He has, in fact, described any desire to investigate the Russian interference in our elections, as well as the possible collusion of his campaign staff with Russians, as an excuse by Democrats upset with the outcome of the 2016 presidential campaign.

Despite the president’s dismissals, it’s clear that the Russians are trying to meddle in our democracy. The Bloomberg report describes a “worrisome” future for our elections. Indeed, former FBI Director James Comey explained that the Russians weren’t done with their interference plans.

“They’re coming after America,” Comey said during his testimony to the Senate Intelligence Committee last week. “They will be back.”

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