The Resistance Just Put Trump on Notice

It’s official: Jon Ossoff, the anti-Trump Democrat running to flip a deep-red district, just won the “jungle primary” for Georgia’s 6th Congressional District.

With 95 percent of the vote in, Ossoff was officially declared the winner of the special election primary for Georgia’s 6th Congressional District at midnight with a little more than 48 percent of the vote. However, that’s not enough of a margin of victory for Ossoff to avoid a runoff election in June, as the 30-year-old Democrat will now have to face off with Republican Karen Handel. Ossoff came in first out of 18 candidates in the stacked primary, beating 11 Republicans, four Democrats, and two independents.

The enthusiasm for Ossoff is particularly shocking for the Georgia district, which includes parts of Cobb, Dekalb, and Fulton counties in Atlanta’s suburbs. Tom Price, who vacated the seat to become President Trump’s Secretary of Health and Human Services, held the seat for 12 years. Before he took office in 2005, the district had been held by Republicans since 1979, when Newt Gingrich was elected to represent the district.

“We may not know the outcome for some time, but let me tell you this: There is no doubt that this is a victory for the ages,” Ossoff said in a speech in Atlanta early Wednesday morning. “No matter what the outcome is tonight, whether we take it all or whether we fight on, we have defied the odds. We have shattered expectations.”

“We will be ready to fight on and win in June if that is necessary… Bring it on.” he added.

While not an outright victory, the win is still a stinging defeat for Donald Trump, who attacked Ossoff from his official Twitter account three times on Tuesday, encouraging Republicans to go vote. Among other things, Trump accused Ossoff of wanting to raise everyone’s taxes and flood the country with immigrants. Trump also accused Ossoff of being a carpetbagger from outside of the district, though the 30-year-old Congressional hopeful said that he grew up in the district and lives a mile away from its borders to be with his girlfriend while she finished medical school at Emory University. After the runoff result became official, Trump took credit for helping to stop Ossoff from winning outright:

The strong showing by a Democrat in what was considered safe Republican territory has been framed as a referendum on President Trump and the Republican agenda as a whole, particularly after Democrat James Thompson nearly won the special election for a deep-red district in Kansas last week against Republican Ron Estes. That seat was vacated by now-CIA Director Mike Pompeo, who won reelection in November by 32 points. Estes squeaked past Thompson last Tuesday by just 7 points, marking a 25-point swing in the district in just a handful of months.


Tom Cahill is a writer for the Resistance Report based in the Pacific northwest. He specializes in coverage of political, economic, and environmental news. You can contact him via email at [email protected], or follow him on Facebook.