This Is the Most Powerful Argument Against Trumpcare I’ve Ever Seen

A powerful ad by the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee (DSCC) puts into stark details what healthcare could look like if Trumpcare passes.

The ad shows two parents, a mother and a father, selling their possessions. The father sells his car in a private deal to another individual. The mother, meanwhile, enters a pawn shop to sell her wedding ring.

The parents are then seen at the bedside of their child, who lays in a hospital bed. A simple caption appears on the screen: “What will the Republican health care bill cost you?” it asks.

Watch the video below:

No¬†dialogue is spoken throughout the commercial, save for the required disclaimer explaining who paid for the ad. But the DSCC’s message is clear: if Trump and Republicans in Congress get their way, families with expensive medical bills will be the ones to suffer most.

TrumpCare would phase out significant Medicaid coverage for poor families by 2020, and it would eliminate tax subsidies to help pay for medical expenses for families earning under $30,000, according to CNN.

Many were moved by the imagery and the message that the ad put out, including Morning Joe host Joe Scarborough.

“When Donald Trump promised that he was going to give people better healthcare, they believed him,” Scarborough said in response to seeing the ad. “[The Trump administration]¬†can think this is all fun and games…but at the end of the day it’s human beings with children who voted for you because they believed you were going to make their lives better.”

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