Paul Ryan is definitely regretting this tweet about classified info right now

A tweet from House Speaker Paul Ryan’s account isn’t aging well, considering the most recent bombshell report about President Trump and Russia.

The Washington Post reported on Monday evening that during Russian foreign minister Sergey Lavrov’s visit to the White House last week — in which Russian reporters were given more access than American reporters — President Trump divulged classified information to his foreign visitors concerning an intelligence source informing on ISIS.

According to the Post‘s sources, whom were not identified in the report, the information Trump relayed was a through an American “partner” in the region that was in a unique position to infiltrate ISIS and provide U.S. intelligence with critical information about the group’s actions.

[O]fficials expressed concern with Trump’s handling of sensitive information as well as his grasp of the potential consequences. Exposure of an intelligence stream that has provided critical insight into the Islamic State, they said, could hinder the United States’ and its allies’ ability to detect future threats.

“It is all kind of shocking,” said a former senior U.S. official close to current administration officials. “Trump seems to be very reckless, and doesn’t grasp the gravity of the things he’s dealing with, especially when it comes to intelligence and national security. And it’s all clouded because of this problem he has with Russia.”

The tweet from Ryan’s verified account, which was sent in July of 2016, was referencing former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s private email server, but could also be just as easily interpreted to be about President Trump, given the latest report.

“It’s simple,” Speaker Ryan wrote at the time. “Individuals who are ‘extremely careless’ w/ classified info should be denied further access to it.”

The tweet linked to a statement Ryan posted to his government website, in which he detailed asking U.S. intelligence officials to stop sharing classified information with Hillary Clinton due to the email controversy. One particular section is particularly telling, as Ryan accuses the Obama administration of exhibiting careless behavior in regard to classified information, promising to use his power as Speaker to hold administration officials accountable.

“These things are going on every day in our government. We in Congress have a responsibility to provide oversight, and we will fulfill that obligation,” Ryan stated.


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