Obama’s spokesman trolls GOP over Trumpcare defeat with this perfect photo

A spokesman for former President Barack Obama couldn’t resist trolling┬áRepublicans after their effort to repeal Obamacare failed on Friday.

Kevin Lewis, who used to work in Obama’s Department of Justice and is now serving as his post-presidential spokesman, tweeted a photograph from the day the Affordable Care Act (Obamacare) passed in 2010. The photo shows the former president mimicking a boxer’s stance as he stands proudly in a room with other administration officials.

The photo was originally taken by White House photographer Pete Souza, who has been using his official Instagram account to poke fun at President Trump for his 1.1 million followers, as well as reminisce about the previous administration. Souza has been posting photos he took of the passage of the Affordable Care Act throughout the day, as a means of celebrating the defeat of Republicans’ alternative to Obamacare.

On Friday afternoon, President Trump ordered House Speaker Paul Ryan to pull the bill at the last moment prior to the vote, as Ryan told the president that he did not have the 216 votes needed to send the bill to the U.S. Senate. The decision to pull the bill came despite White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer promising that there was “no Plan B,” and that the bill would be passed, sent to the Senate, and signed by the president without delay.

During a Friday press conference, House Speaker Paul Ryan told reporters that the Affordable Care Act would be the law of the land “for the foreseeable future,” meaning Republicans have officially abandoned their collective campaign promise to repeal Obama’s signature healthcare reform legislation.


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