Ms. Magazine editor ‘rejoices’ for Bernie Sanders’ death in disturbing tweets

Carmen Rios, Digital Editor at Ms. Magazine, in April issued a disturbing tweet where she wished for the early retirement — or death — of Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders.

The tweet, which has since been deleted, was also accompanied by another tweet in which she expressed she would like to place a monument on Sanders’s grave in honor of women “who were right.”

Though Rios deleted the tweets, several individuals took screenshots of them in an effort to raise awareness of the crudeness and insensitive manner in which Rios criticized Sanders. Journalist and podcaster Katie Halper, who has written for Salon, Vice, the Nation Magazine and Rolling Stone, sent out a series of tweets expressing her outrage at Rios:

Halper also pointed out in subsequent tweets that Gloria Steinem, who founded Ms. Magazine, had previously called Sanders an “honorary woman.”

While Rios has taken liberal views in the past, her anger towards Bernie Sanders, a self-described progressive, is well-documented on her Twitter timeline.

Yet in the past, Sanders has been critical of President Trump on a myriad of issues, including issues that concern women’s rights.

Sanders explained in March that Trump’s priorities were bad for the nation, including his pushes to “repeal the Affordable Care Act, throw 20 million Americans off of health insurance, privatize Medicare, make massive cuts in Medicaid, raise the cost of prescription drugs to seniors, eliminate funding for Planned Parenthood, while at the same time, he wants to give another massive tax break to the wealthiest Americans.”

Sanders has also said he wouldn’t work with Trump if he continues to promote sexist ideals and other controversial viewpoints. “To the degree that he pursues racist, sexist, xenophobic and anti-environment policies, [progressives] will vigorously oppose him,” Sanders said.

(EDITOR’S NOTE: Resistance Report attempted to reach out to Carmen Rios and Ms. Magazine before publishing this article. If they do get back to us, we will update accordingly.)

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