Melania Slaps Trump’s Hand Away When He Tries to Embrace Her in Israel [Watch Here]

The biggest indicator that Donald Trump’s marriage to Melania is a sham was on full display when the First Couple arrived in Israel.

Trump landed in Israel on Monday, on day four of his first foreign trip as president. When he touched down on the tarmac and walked off of Air Force One with First Lady Melania Trump, he attempted to hold his wife’s hand while the two walked with their Secret Service entourage. Without even looking at him, Melania slapped away her husband’s hand and continued walking briskly.

While the hand-slap is obviously a gesture that Melania has no interest in showing public affection for her husband, body language between Donald and Melania has long suggested that the marriage between the two is just for show.

On Inauguration Day, two body language experts told that the First Couple appeared far more distant from one another than their predecessors, Barack and Michelle Obama. One particularly telling moment was that while Barack kissed Michelle’s hand while holding it, Donald wouldn’t even give Melania more than a cursory nod while waiting to deliver his inauguration speech. And in another revealing exchange, Melania immediately turned her smile into a frown as soon as her husband stopped looking at her.

Trump will head back to the United States this weekend.