Joy Reid Just Attacked Bernie Sanders Supporters in an Unhinged Twitter Rant. Sanders Supporters Respond.

MSNBC host Joy Reid attacked the core of the Democratic party base in a series of tweets, and is losing her audience as a result.

Reid, who has hosted the program AM Joy since 2016, attacked Senator Bernie Sanders’ millions of supporters in a Twitter thread that began with condemning calls for opening up the Democratic primary process, saying that independents who weren’t registered Democrats shouldn’t have the right to vote in Democratic primaries.

As HuffPost pointed out in a May 2016 article, Sen. Sanders — the longest serving independent member of Congress — had a much better chance at winning primaries where independents had the opportunity to vote. It’s important to note that Democratic exit polls from states Bernie Sanders won during the Democratic primary — particularly states that Hillary Clinton would later lose as the Democratic nominee — showed that voters who identified as independents overwhelmingly preferred Sanders.

In Wisconsin, for example, where Sanders beat Clinton by a 14-point margin, and where Clinton later lost to Donald Trump by 30,000 votes, independents chose Sanders by a 72-28 margin. Michigan, which Hillary Clinton lost by a little over 10,000 votes, narrowly chose Sanders in the Democratic primary, although independents voted for Sen. Sanders by a nearly identical 71-28 margin. And although the former Secretary of State narrowly won the pivotal state of New Hampshire partially due to a high-profile U.S. Senate race, Sanders devastated her in the state’s first-in-the-nation primary with the help of independents, who voted for the Vermont senator by a 73-25 margin.

Independents were the critical linchpin in Donald Trump’s victory. A Gallup Poll from September of 2016 found that on economic issues important to swing states in the economically distressed Rust Belt (like Ohio, Michigan, Wisconsin, and Pennsylvania, all of which Clinton lost) independent voters preferred Trump over Clinton. These issues — regulation of Wall Street, tax policy, and jobs — were all issues that Sanders made the center of his campaign.

Even though Sanders was proven to be effective at getting independent voters to participate in Democratic primaries, Reid nonetheless attacked Sanders and his supporters by comparing the Vermont senator and his army of donors and voters to a freeloading roommate:

Of course, these tweets didn’t go over well with Sanders supporters, who blasted the MSNBC host with numerous mocking tweets making various analogies, including some using Reid’s roommate framing:

Others aptly noted that Sanders was the one bringing new life and energy into the Democratic party. Black Lives Matter activist Shaun King made the point that Sanders — who is the most popular elected official in America — had just finished a nationwide tour with Democratic National Committee chairman Tom Perez, and that his surrogates had a direct hand in writing the party’s national platform. Others reminded Reid that Sanders raised more than $200 million for his primary campaign from small donors, as opposed to the corporate special interests that have traditionally bankrolled the Democratic party.

A Public Policy Poll from earlier this year found that among all likely challengers to President Trump in 2020, former Vice President Joe Biden and Sen. Sanders led the pack, and had a good chance of beating Trump in a general election matchup.


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