Hillary Clinton just trolled Trump rowdy for International Women’s Day

Hillary Clinton’s International Women’s Day celebration is officially lit after her subtle-but-not-subtle jab at President Trump.

On Wednesday, Hillary Clinton’s verified Twitter account retweeted — then deleted — a viral tweet from Samantha Bee poking fun at the Trump administration’s tone-deafness about optics. MSNBC producer Kyle Griffin took a screenshot of Clinton’s retweet before it was shortly taken down. The time between the former presidential candidate’s retweet and deletion may have been nearly instantaneous, as the Internet Archive’s Wayback Machine didn’t capture a snapshot.

Given President Trump’s fondness of Twitter, along with the former reality TV host’s notable hatred of his enemies, it’s likely he saw Bee’s tweet in his timeline, given the boost of the former Secretary of State’s massive Twitter following.

Along with Wednesday falling on International Women’s Day, it’s also the same day as the #DayWithoutWomen strike, in which thousands of women around the country are staging an all-day strike in protest of the Trump administration’s policies toward women.


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