Eric Trump just confirmed our worst fears about the decision to attack Syria

In a revealing interview with the London Telegraph, Eric Trump confirmed that his sister, Ivanka, was the one who convinced her dad to attack Syria.

The middle Trump son apparently agreed to the interview in order to make the case that his father wasn’t in cahoots with Russian President Vladimir Putin, given the close relationship Putin has with Syrian President Bashar al-Assad. However, the biggest revelation from the interview was a quick aside from Eric that First Daughter Ivanka Trump was “heartbroken and outraged” by Assad’s chemical weapons attack, and convinced her father to launch 59 Tomahawk cruise missiles at a Syrian airbase last Thursday.

“Ivanka is a mother of three kids and she has influence. I’m sure she said ‘listen, this is horrible stuff.’ My father will act in times like that,” Eric Trump told the Telegraph.

The strike has had far-reaching effects on an already tense geopolitical situation in the region. Immediately after the attack, Russia’s navy sent a warship to the Mediterranean, where the U.S. ship that launched the missiles was stationed. More warships have just been deployed this week in response to the missile launch.

Russia has also appeared to take a much more stern approach with its U.S. foreign policy, as Putin has since stated he will not be meeting personally with Secretary of State Rex Tillerson on his visit to Moscow this week, despite the longtime friendship between the two.

As the situation continues to intensify in Syria, Twitter’s political observers took President Trump to task for allowing his daughter — who has no foreign policy experience — to make complex foreign policy decisions for him. Others also lamented that while Ivanka Trump seems to care deeply about the Syrian people, she apparently lacks compassion for Americans suffering from her father’s policies:

And of course, some Twitter users mocked Ivanka’s resemblance to the Willy Wonka character Veruca Salt, a spoiled child who made unreasonable demands of her parents:


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