‘Classic smokescreen’: Dan Rather just released a powerful statement on Trump

Veteran CBS journalist Dan Rather thinks President Donald Trump is hiding something major, given his paranoid tweets on Saturday morning.

In a Facebook post that’s already been shared more than 19,000 times as of this writing, Rather suspects that in Trump’s allegations of former President Barack Obama tapping the phones at his Manhattan residence, he could be concealing something major relating to his administration’s growing scandal involving Russian involvement in his electoral victory.

“My reporter’s instincts make me wonder at Trump’s actions. It has the feeling of a classic smokescreen. What is he hiding? Is this a kind of trap? Does he have something he is about to drop?” Rather wrote, urging Americans to separate truth from speculation and falsehoods. “We do not know what is in Mr. Trump’s tax returns, which he seems so hell bent on hiding. We do now know all the other suggestions of links between Mr. Trump and people close to him and Russia. And then, of course, we do not know what else there is to know.”

Rather then called for a thorough, bipartisan investigation conducted by “statesmen of steady head and temperament,” to get to the bottom of President Trump’s ties to Russia.

“We cannot afford for our democratic institutions to be consumed by a bonfire of lies, innuendos, and conspiracy theories… We are the people of the United States. Our great nation is in a perilous moment, and the world is watching with great unease,” Rather said.

“We want the truth. We demand the truth. We can handle the truth,” he added.

Read his full post below:

It is understandable that Donald Trump’s twitter attack on President Obama early this morning would immediately be…

Posted by Dan Rather on Saturday, March 4, 2017



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