Dan Rather scorches Republicans over Trumpcare in must-see Facebook post

Former CBS News Anchor Dan Rather went on Facebook this afternoon to say something that many people have already come to understand: the vote to repeal Obamacare today was all for show.

“The health care bill that the Republicans are ramming through Congress is all about optics,” Rather wrote. “It’s all about a political ‘win’ for the President and his party. It’s all about serving the base.”

Rather asked his Facebook followers to ignore the “political win” for a moment and to consider those the law would affect the most. “What does it mean for a young mother facing a cancer diagnosis and worrying about the future of her young child? What does it mean for an HIV patient worrying about losing a job and the cost of his pre-exisiting condition? What does it mean for a family facing sickness, and bankruptcy?” he wrote.

The short answer? “No one really knows,” Rather opines, explaining that the speed at which the “TrumpCare” bill was a “major piece of legislation is being crammed through before it is even analyzed and vetted.”

Republicans passed their bill today with the bare minimum of votes needed. It now goes to the Senate, where its likelihood of passing in its current form is doubtful.

In closing his Facebook note, Rather laments that he doesn’t know who will benefit politically on the House passage of this bill, but that he doesn’t really “give a damn” either. ” I worry for my fellow citizens for whom the burden of health will now be compounded by the burden of injustice,” he said.

Read the note in its entirety below:

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