Dan Rather: While we were distracted by O’Reilly, Trump brought us closer to World War III

Several news stories dominated the attention of the American populace, including the ouster of FOX News host Bill O’Reilly following several accusations of sexual assault during his tenure at the cable channel.

But as former CBS News anchor Dan Rather explained in a recent Facebook post, the real story we should have paid closer attention to is just how close we came to war because of President Donald Trump’s actions.

“As far as I am concerned, this week brought perhaps the most dangerous and destabilizing events in the presidency of Donald Trump, and it has been almost completely overshadowed by a cavalcade of news such as elections in Georgia and the Bill O’Reilly story,” Rather wrote.

Particularly disturbing to him was the fact that a fleet of aircraft carriers, previously announced by the administration to be heading toward the Korean Peninsula to deter military actions by Pyongyang, was nowhere near the vicinity that officials said it was.

“For over a week, the American people and the world were led to believe that the United States was sending an aircraft carrier strike force to the waters off of North Korea, in an escalating tension over the standoff with that troublesome nation over its nuclear and missile ambitions,” said Rather. “Except it wasn’t true. The carrier USS Carl Vinson and its accompanying ships were heading in the other direction, thousands of miles away.”

The Carl Vinson aircraft carrier was discovered to be 3,500 miles away, according to a post on the Navy’s website following the administration’s declaration that it was heading toward North Korea.

“This is how allies can feel betrayed and adversaries emboldened,” Rather added. “Our world is less stable today because of this situation.”

“The world’s nations rely on being able to trust what an American president says,” Rather wrote in his closing paragraph. “This is a foreign policy debacle that is shaping world affairs in big ways.”

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As far as I am concerned, this week brought perhaps the most dangerous and destabilizing events in the presidency of…

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