GOP Congressman caught on hot mic calling angry constituents ‘un-American’ at town hall

A Republican Congressman is in hot water after a private conversation was caught on a hot mic, in which constituents were described as “un-American.”

Rep. Dave Trott (R-Michigan) represents a district that hasn’t elected a Democrat since the 1960s. But that didn’t stop a number of citizens from his district from coming out and venting their frustrations over the Congressman’s support for the repeal of the Affordable Care Act, even as a blizzard hit that part of Michigan over the weekend.

Rep. Trott previously avoided setting up a town hall meeting with constituents, who held several of their own meetings without Trott since Donald Trump got elected president, according to the Detroit Free Press. And at the conclusion of this event, Trott sneaked out of the back to avoid walking past agitated citizens both inside and out of the meeting. However, before his departure, the microphone Trott had been using picked up an interesting sound byte.

One of Trott’s aides can be heard comforting the Congressman on the verbal beating he had taken from constituents, specifically recalling a point where they would “take that part where they’re booing funding the military” to “get somebody to write a story and we’re going to promote the shit out of that. It’s un-American crap.”

Watch the video below, obtained by Indivisible Michigan’s Facebook Page:


#BREAKING: Trott and staff on hot mic conspire to paint constituents as "un-American" #HotMicTrottREAD ON FOR DETAILS | SHARE WIDELY!!Hot Mic Reveals Bounced Questions, Plans to Frame Crowd as ‘Un-American’ at Trott Town Hall11th District Indivisible Groups to Trott: This Is No Way To Treat ConstituentsNOVI –– Indivisible Michigan – District 11 fired back today at comments Congressman Dave Trott (R-Commerce Twp.) and his team made over a hot mic as he debriefed with staff after his Saturday town hall. On the recording captured by WDIV-TV in Detroit, Trott’s team confessed to “bouncing” constituent questions that were submitted on cards before the event began. The hot mic also captures the Trott team planning to spin the crowd as “un-American,” after booing the Congressman for calling the American military “the weakest it’s ever been.”“Calling the entire crowd of concerned citizens ‘un-American’ and bragging about blocking their questions is no way for an elected official to treat their constituents,” said Mark Barbieri, whose son has Type 1 diabetes. “I am literally fighting for my son’s life and to be called un-American is beyond the pale. Congressman Trott should apologize immediately.” A Trott team member also captured on audio is heard saying: “We’re going to take that part where they’re booing funding the military. I’m going to get somebody to write a story. We’re going to blow the shit out of that. It’s an un-American crowd.” This was in response to a negative reaction from the crowd after Trott made falsely asserted that the military is the “weakest it’s ever been.”“When a politician characterizes the people fighting for our country as weak, of course he is going to get a negative reaction,” said David Hamilton, a resident of Troy. “But Trott’s trying to spin that the entire crowd of constituents as ‘un-American’ could not be further from the truth and should be condemned. We’re standing up for our men and women in uniform and it’s disgraceful that they were spoken about in such disparaging terms. Congressman Trott is the one who should be called un-American.” Note: Comments start at 0.34 in the video. Video from a longer recording by WDIV Local 4 / ClickOnDetroit; clip is excerpted from the end.

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According to Eclectablog, the crowd wasn’t booing the military itself: the aide was referring to a point where the crowd had booed the Congressman for supporting increased funding to the military, and describing the armed forces as “the weakest it’s ever been.”


Chris Walker has been writing about political issues for the past decade, including for sites such as Elite Daily, AMERICAblog, and Mic. You can follow him on Twitter @thatchriswalker.

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Chris Walker
Chris Walker been writing about political issues for the past decade, including for sites such as Elite Daily, AMERICAblog, and Mic. You can follow him on Twitter @thatchriswalker.