Acting FBI Director says he won’t share Russia probe info with Trump

President Trump will be kept in the dark about the FBI’s probe into his campaign, if Andrew McCabe has anything to say about it.

Amid growing concerns that the White House is attempting to interfere with the investigation into Russia’s meddling with last year’s presidential elections, acting FBI director Andrew McCabe sought to reassure a Senate committee on Thursday that he wouldn’t be sharing additional information with the president.

The investigation is turning toward the Trump administration itself and its possible collusion with Russian agents during the election, an admission former director James Comey made in March.

Comey was fired on Tuesday by President Donald Trump. Though officially the White House is saying his termination is due to how he handled the Hillary Clinton email server investigation, sources close to Trump have indicated the real reasons for his departure had to do with the direction Comey was taking the FBI investigation into Russia.

Trump was reportedly angered by the fact that Comey wouldn’t back up his claims that the Obama administration had “wiretapped” Trump Tower in 2016, the New York Times reported.

Trump had “a collection of festering grievances,” the aides told the Times, that led to Comey’s firing.

The White House has not yet responded to McCabe’s suggestion that he won’t inform the president about the progress of the Russian investigation. Many lawmakers are calling for an independent counsel to continue the investigation, without the executive branch having a hand in its outcome.

McCabe is currently serving as the acting director of the FBI. If Trump were to appoint a new director, that individual would oversee the investigation from that point forward, and may include Trump in the dealings of what has been discovered, greatly compromising the direction of the investigation itself.

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