This Veteran Perfectly Describes the Most Obnoxious Thing About Sheriff Clarke

A controversial sheriff now has a job in the Trump administration. One veteran couldn’t hold back pointing out his ludicrous uniform decorations.

Milwaukee County Sheriff David Clarke, who was recently appointed by President Donald Trump to a position in the Department of Homeland Security, is seen as a controversial pick, to say the least. His antics as sheriff have earned him some serious scorn — not the least of which are the deaths of four inmates in his jails over the last 6 months, including the dehydration death of a man with mental disabilities and an infant that died under his deputies’ watch.

After Clarke announced his appointment on Wednesday, however, Army Veteran Charles Clymer had more to criticize him on. Clarke, it seems, decorates his uniform with several pins and lapels, many of which are meant to project authority but, in Clymer’s words, are actually “shit.”

Clymer took to Twitter to voice his dissatisfaction with Clarke’s lapels, and in an epic 14-tweet rant explained why it was improper for Clarke to use these pins to display his pseudo-legitimacy as a sheriff.

“Y’all, this is something a fucking 10 year-old does,” Clymer explains at one point. He adds:

Let me explain why this is irritating for me. Military (and police) decorations are earned. They take hard work and sacrifice. … But a grown-ass adult arranging his uniform in a way with novelty pins to give the appearance of being highly decorated? What the fuck. … It’s so cringe-inducing every time I see it because I think of other military folks shaking their damn heads at this Mickey Mouse shit.

Charles Clymer is a writer in the Washington D.C. area who is also an Army veteran. Clarke, while a lifelong member of the law enforcement community, has not served in any military branch.

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