New poll shows United Airlines is more popular than Donald Trump

President Trump’s approval rating still pales in comparison to United Airlines, which remains one of the most hated companies in America.

According to a recently released survey from Public Policy Polling (PPP), registered voters have a higher opinion of United Airlines than they do of Donald Trump. The survey, which was conducted between April 17th and 18th, found that 42 percent of the 648 respondents polled approved of United Airlines, while only 40 percent approved of President Trump.

United Airlines continues to have a streak of bad PR following the company’s decision to have police violently drag a 69-year-old doctor off of one of their planes, including booting an engaged couple flying to their wedding destination, and the CEO of United blaming Dr. David Dao for the viral video of police dragging him off the aircraft. After the video of Dao’s removal spread online, United’s stock lost roughly $800 million in value over the next 24 hours.

The poll also confirmed that despite the company’s efforts, United Airlines is still the most hated in the industry. 35 percent of respondents to the PPP survey viewed Southwest Airlines as the best company to fly with, while 20 percent said Delta was their favorite airline. American Airlines won the approval of 14 percent of respondents, and United came in dead last, as only 4 percent of respondents said that was their preferred airline.

PPP surveyed 80 percent of the 648 respondents by phone, and the remaining 20 percent without landline phones took the poll online.


Jamie Green is a contributor for the Resistance Report covering the Trump administration, and lives in Ann Arbor, Michigan.