Twitter explodes after Russian official posts photo of Ivanka representing the US at G-20

Donald Trump shocked observers as he handed over his seat at a G20 meeting to his daughter Ivanka in Hamburg, Germany.

Russian official Svetlana Lukash posted — and then mysteriously deleted — a photo of Ivanka Trump seated between British Prime Minister Theresa May and Chinese President Xi Jinping, where her father had been sitting during a meeting of world leaders at the Group of 20. But observers screenshotted the image before it was deleted.

Twitter took Trump to task Saturday morning for his apparent cronyism, especially considering the Trump administration has been under fire for its friendliness with Russia, now that Russian involvement in the U.S. presidential election is being investigated by U.S. officials.

Ivanka is also being called out for participating in a political discussion, despite saying previously that she would stay out of politics.

Cabinet ministers have been known to sit in for leaders at G20 meetings, but the move by Ivanka — who is an official advisor to Trump — was the first time a family member replaced a leader at the summit.

Trump even stepped into the fray in an attemept to defend his daughter, calling her a “champion” in a press conference.