Trump Lawyer Used His Nonprofit Organizations To Bankroll His Family and Friends

Trump lawyer used Christian nonprofit organizations to collect donations totaling in the millions from working-class Americans and routed the profits and property deals to himself and others.

Jay Sekulow’s nonprofit Christian Advocates Serving Evangelism (CASE) and partner organization American Center of Legal Justice have steered over $60 million to Sekulow and his family and businesses since 2000.  Constitutional Litigation and Advocacy Group, a law firm Sekulow co-owns, has collected over $25 million in legal fees alone since that time. Nonprofits paid Sekulow’s company, Regency Productions, $11.3 million for production services.

According to the Guardian, Sekulow’s payroll details millions of dollars in compensation and personal payments to not only Sekulow, but also to his wife, children, sister-in-law, brother, niece, and nephew.

It is prohibited by federal law for nonprofit insiders to receive “excessive benefits” or payments exceeding fair market value for services rendered. For example, Sekulow’s brother reportedly received $9.2 million in salary in benefits with his tax filings indicating that he works a 40 hour work week for each of Sekulow’s nonprofits.

Sekulow’s spokesperson, Gene Kapp, defended the outrageous payments as legal, saying that they are “regularly reviewed by outside independent compensation experts.”

“The financial arrangements between the ACLJ, Case and all related entities are regularly reviewed by outside independent compensation experts and have been determined to be reasonable. In addition, each entity has annual independent outside audits performed by certified public accounting firms. Further, the IRS has previously conducted audits of the ACLJ and Case and found them to be in full compliance of all applicable tax laws.”