Trump voter credits ‘TrumpCare’—which doesn’t exist—for lowering her son’s health costs

A Tennessee woman is crediting Donald Trump and the Republican Party for granting her son an affordable health insurance option after he lost his job, even though neither Trump nor Republicans in Congress have yet changed the law or replaced the Affordable Care Act, sometimes called Obamacare.

McComic’s son lost his job, and as a result his health insurance premiums dropped substantially, from $567 every month to $88 per month. McComic has called her son’s fortuitous outcome a “blessing from God,” and associates tax credits from the proposed Republican American Health Care Act for his lower premium payments.

That act has not been passed by either house of Congress, and President Trump has not yet signed any health-related bill into law. Her son is, in fact, benefiting from the current law, which was signed by former President Barack Obama during his first term in office.

McComic is undeterred, however, in her belief that Trump and Republicans are “a blessing from God.”

“So far, everything’s been positive, from what I can tell,” she said before the Trump rally in Nashville on Wednesday. “I just hope that more and more people and children get covered under this new health-care plan.”

McComic was an ardent supporter of Donald Trump during his presidential campaign, forming a motorcade that would travel through her town while shouting his name. She doesn’t believe her son’s costs nor her granddaughter’s Medicaid will be affected as a result of TrumpCare, even as the Congressional Budget Office suggests the poor and elderly will be hit the hardest by the proposal, with higher costs overall compared to Obamacare.

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