Racist Trump Supporter Stabs Black Man to Death at California Bus Stop

A political argument in California escalated into a fatal stabbing after a Trump supporter pulled a weapon on the man he was debating.

At a bus stop in Oakley, California, 38-year-old Phillip Wade stabbed 57-year-old Anthony Johnson repeatedly in the midst of a heated discussion about sports and politics. According to the East Bay Times, the discussion began on the Tri Delta transit bus, and continued after the two men got off the bus at the Main Street stop.

Following the stabbing, a bystander called police and pulled a gun on Wade, ordering him to lie on the ground until Oakley police arrived. Johnson was transported to a hospital to be treated for multiple stab wounds, but ultimately did not survive.

The Times also reported that Wade has a violent history, including a previous fatal stabbing in 2013 of 49-year-old homeless veteran Kann Cendejas, and another stabbing of 23-year-old Justin Garza in 2011, which also happened at a bus stop following an argument on public transit. Garza survived the 2011 stabbing. Sergeant Robert Roberts of the Oakley Police Department told ResistanceReport.com in a phone interview that Wade was not charged for either incident.

Wade’s Facebook profile is host to multiple hostile posts directed at former President Barack Obama, with one accusing him of “bringing the tweakers and fags to this country just to continue liberalism.” A brief search of Wade’s likes shows multiple conservative news sites, along with Donald Trump.

Posted by Phillip Wade on Saturday, July 20, 2013


Posted by Phillip Wade on Monday, November 11, 2013


Screenshot from Phillip Wade’s Facebook page

Screenshot from Phillip Wade’s Facebook page

According to Sgt. Roberts, the Oakley Police Department is presenting the Wade case to the Contra Costa County District Attorney’s office on Tuesday, and is expecting a murder charge to be brought against Wade.


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