Trump Silent After a White Terrorist Attacks London Mosque

President Donald Trump doesn’t typically shy away from social media when acts of terrorism occur. But he’s been relatively silent since this past weekend’s events, after a white man mowed down a group of Muslims leaving their mosque in London, England.

Trump has tweeted a “Father’s Day” message, as well as sending a tweet urging people to vote for a Republican politician in a special election in the state of Georgia on Tuesday. Yet he has yet to say anything publicly about the latest terrorist attack at all.

The attacks, which are at this time being described as involving an individual targeting Muslims, were described as such by London’s Mayor Sadiq Khan.

“Terrorism is terrorism,” Khan said. “It doesn’t matter whether you’re inspired by a perverse force of Islam — a perverse version of Islam — or you’re inspired by some other motives to try and terrorize others. The intention is the same, to divide communities, to make us stop leading the lives that we do.”

Khan and Trump got into a heated disagreement following the last terrorist event in London. At that time, Khan urged his citizens not to be alarmed at a growing police presence following the attacks.

Trump jumped on those comments, taking them out of context to attack the mayor.

When asked to respond, Khan explained he didn’t have time to respond to Trump’s Twitter rants.

Trump frequently jumps at every opportunity to lash out at terrorism when it happens, usually in order to promote his own causes. After the Orlando nightclub shooting last year, Trump said he “appreciate[d] the congrats for being right” about terrorism. And he even talked to a campaign crowd about a terrorist event in Sweden that didn’t actually happen in order to talk about why the U.S. shouldn’t allow more Syrian refugees into our borders.

Yet for all of his promotional tweets and speeches against terror, Trump has still failed to address the latest terror attack against Muslims from this past weekend, and rarely does so unless it promotes his interests, it seems.

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