Trump says Russia tricked him into photo op. Obama’s former adviser’s response is perfect.

Susan Rice, the former National Security Adviser to President Barack Obama, had the most brilliant response yet to Russians taking photographs in the Oval Office.

When President Donald Trump met with Russian representatives on Wednesday, the meeting was billed as closed to the media. But a peculiar thing happened: minutes after the meeting began, Russian news agencies began disseminating pictures of the meeting on their social media accounts and websites.

Pressed for why Russian media were allowed to document the events happening in the Oval Office — a significant security breach, to say the least — the White House responded by saying, “They tricked us. They lie.”

Many people gave their takes on social media to that excuse, but Rice had perhaps the best reaction to the comments made by the White House, giving a short, two-word answer.

Anyone with even a brief knowledge of U.S. and Russian relations over the past sixty years would know that the Kremlin hasn’t always been honest with us. Yet apparently, Donald Trump and his administration trusted the Russian ambassador enough to allow him to photograph his office, along with any compromising information that may have been visible, to be distributed on their state-run news websites.

Meanwhile, American media were refused access to the meeting, which came just one day after former FBI director James Comey was fired by Trump.

Comey was tasked with overseeing the investigation into Russia’s meddling with American elections last fall, and was reportedly canned by Trump for taking the investigation in a direction the president didn’t like it going — namely, refusing to dispel rumors that the administration itself was under investigation, and failing to acknowledge Trump’s unfounded claims that he was “wiretapped” by the Obama administration in 2016.

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