Trump Just Responded to the Classified Leaks in the Worst Way

Following a tumultuous Monday at the White House that left staff in chaos over dealing with the fallout of a Washington Post story alleging President Trump shared classified information with Russia during a meeting last week, the President took to Twitter Tuesday morning.

Trump claimed he has “the absolute right” to share information with foreign nations acting in his role as President of the United States. Mentioning this right to share information would seem at odds with theĀ general air of denial offered by White House officials, although as Vox noted, many of those denials didn’t deny facts actually alleged by the post.

However, despite the assertion that the President has the power to leak information, White House officials still deny the leaks ever occurred.

This would seem to fit with the thought that the President did not act outside his authority in the broadest ‘no one did anything wrong’ sense, although at least some in the intelligence community expressed their concerns.

According to Newsweek, Israeli intelligence officials were reportedly warned by their American counterparts to not share any sensitive information with the Trump administration in advance of the President’s upcoming trip.

Today’s New York Daily News cover calls Trump the Leaker of the Free World for his cavalier revealing of state secrets, a title made more poignant by the assertion anything leaked was well within the powers of the office to reveal.