Trump Just Woke Up and Went On Another Unhinged Attack Against Mika and Joe

The rift between President Donald Trump and Morning Joe cohosts Joe Scarborough and Mika Brzezinski continued into Friday morning, following a tweet by Trump suggesting that the MSNBC personalities had asked him to dispel a story to be published in the National Enquirer.

Trump’s assertions didn’t go unchallenged, however. Joe Scarborough responded on Twitter to the president’s claims, apparently with evidence to counter his assertions.

Scarborough then asked a question that’s probably on a lot of people’s minds: just what IS wrong with the president these days?

Trump yesterday went on a wild Twitter tirade against the Morning Joe cohosts. His comments regarding Brzezinski were especially disparaging, at times crossing into sexism. Trump made commentary about her intelligence, called her “crazy,” and making comments about her appearance after an alleged facelift.

Several lawmakers, including many from Trump’s own party, decried the commentary, though Trump’s media team continued to defend the president, saying he was merely pushing back against critics.

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