Trump Just Shoved a NATO Leader To Be In Front Of Group Photo (Watch Here)

It’s the type of behavior usually seen in schoolchildren in the lunch line, not by leaders of the free world.

Video from a NATO meeting in Brussels, Belgium, purports to show President Donald Trump force his way to the front of a group of dignitaries in order to become the center of attention.

CNBC’s Steve Kopack shared a tweet of the video on his account this morning and asked his followers whether he just saw what he thought he just saw: Trump shoving a foreign leader.

Trump makes the movement to the front of the group with no apparent reason why, other than to be in a prime spot for a photo-op. He shoves aside one man, identified as Dusko Markovic , the Prime Minister of Montenegro. Then, Trump plants himself in the front of the group, and proceeds to talk to no one and just stand in place.

Kopack also shared slow-motion evidence of the disturbingly impolite gesture.

Trump is in a lot of hot water as of late with many foreign leaders, including U.S. allies. With his administration leaking intelligence information from both the United Kingdom and Israel, possibly the last thing Trump should be doing is finding more ways to be offensive with other world leaders.

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