Trump Jr. Just Tried to Congratulate Karen Handel and It Blew Up In His Face

Following Karen Handel’s electoral victory in Georgia’s 6th District special election last night, the president’s son, Donald Trump Jr., vented some strange frustrations about the GOP candidate’s victory. Namely, Trump Jr. was upset that the media didn’t capitalize on what he considered an important accomplishment: that Karen Handel will become the first female GOP member of Congress to represent the state of Georgia.

Trump Jr. ignores one very important fact, however: Handel, while being the first Republican woman elected to Congress from the state of Georgia, isn’t the first woman ever elected to Congress from that state. That distinction belongs to Florence Reville Gibbs, a Democrat who was first elected in the 1940s to serve Georgia in Congress. Many other Democratic women from Georgia have similarly been elected since that time.

Many other observers on Twitter took Trump Jr. to task for his ill-thought out comments.

Others noted that support for women candidates shouldn’t be automatic, especially if the candidates don’t support causes that help feminism in the long run.

Trump Jr.’s tweet is wrong for another reason: major media outlets DID note, both before and after the election, Handel’s historic place as the first Republican female representative from Georgia.

Trump Jr.’s disdain is probably unwarranted entirely because a glass ceiling that has already been broken cannot be broken twice. Furthermore, that it took the GOP more than 70 years after the Democrats to put into Congress its own female representative speaks volumes about their own party’s problems, not its accomplishments.

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